BMW Angus



BMW Angus is devoted to producing high quality cattle that are fault free. We strive to provide a balance of soundness, performance, fertility and carcass traits that are affordable to the cowman. These attributes combined with industry proven genetics create balance and quality in the herd. Cattle from BMW Angus will thrive in all kinds of environments. During the summer months our cattle graze at the home ranch located in the high desert terrain of Susanville, CA at approximately 4200ft in elevation. Additionally, we occupy a lease located in the coastal mountain ranges of Morgan Hill, CA. At BMW Angus we pride ourselves on raising efficient animals that know how to work for and utilize their feed sources. We do not want cattle that are standing around waiting for the feed truck. Fertility is our primary concern, as we know a productive cow is the greatest asset to any operation. To achieve this outcome we believe cattle need to be moderately framed and easy fleshing while keeping milk production at a conservative level. Genetically, we make every effort for the cows to calve on their own, as well as developing calves that will be productive in converting their energy into pounds at weaning. In view of the ever increasing importance of carcass data, all cattle are ultra-sounded at one year of age along with obtaining carcass data on steer progeny. We aim to raise registered cattle for the commercial cattleman. Our bulls will add value through consistent and predictable performance.

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